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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hanging out with Uncle Don Runkle Ron at Don and Laura's going away party.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Playing in the water with cousins, Henry & Clara
Beautiful Clara
 On da bus - he thinks the bus is a party waiting for him every time he gets on.
Cousin Jack stayed with us for a few days.
Lee was playing it cool hanging with the guys.
 "Jack is so cool"
He's going to kill himself such a maniac in the
tub, we basically have to bathe with him.
Fred Flinston feet
Collie's condo has a great view of the street.
Perfect for yelling at folks walking by.
 Best dressed man at Ashley's wedding in Indy.
At the hotel in Indy the first night. Leon had a serious case of the giggles:
 Having a blast with Granddad!
My mother and Lyla are apparently best friends from another lifetime.
 Meanwhile, on the other side of the poor father is
playing the oh my god, shut up Leon oh he's so silly,
don't worry I'll pick it up again, buddy game
Later that day
Even Lyla likes to dance

Even later that day
He's so funny, she's clearly in stitches
Lyla: "OMG Leon, hahahahaha, stop I can't take it!"
 Lee: "hehe, yeah I'm hillarious"
Lyla: "WHOOPSIE no more Cheerios"
Lee: "Damn."
nip slip - she's such a lady
This pretty much sums up their relationship:
(and he didn't even cry. He just looked at her like, "what the heck was that for?")
Strolling in the heat.
One moment he's having a time doin his do with a cookie and
the next moment he's passed out covered in his cookie. Life is good.
 Finally back in the a.c. cooling off watching Big Bird
I really don't think he can help it...

 Happy first birthday, Leon Michael Lando!
The morning started off with two big deliveries.
One of balloons from Gma & Gdad and another with a
sweet firetruck/dump truck hybrid from Auntie Amber, Uncle Seth,
Jocelyn and Scarlett. 
I think he's starting to realize that this day is going to be amazing:

This was all the direction he needed...
...and he understood completely.

Thanks Aunt Laura, I think this one is a hit.
Ella loved the bows. And the balloons - look at the static in that hair. 
I'd say his first birthday party was a success.
Thank you to Grandaddy & Grandmama for the balloons!
 There was so much loot that Collie almost couldn't fit.
 and then he opened his gift from Auntie Amanda
We didn't even have the wheels on it yet and he was already in love with his new car.
Before you watch this, just know that LITERALLY within 20 minutes he was sound asleep.
With his fav new alligator from Collie
 What else - watching music videos before bed.
The gift that keeps on giving:
 His first day as a ONE year old. He picked up his beer and he's headed home.
Having a BLAST in the big part of the cart.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Playing in the dirt at cousin Jack's baseball game.
 He was happiest the whole day sitting in the dirt with this helmet
Here, Lee is fighting for the helmet playing with his cousin Sadie

 A day in the life of Leon:

At Lyla's house he couldn't get enough of the ruffles on her skirt.
Seriously, he just wanted to touch them all day.
 Hanging out in the car waiting for Daddy
A little bored and a lot in pain cutting his top tooth.
FINALLY Lyla woke up and was ready to play too
After we dropped Lyla off at home we video chatted with Granddaddy.
Again, his teeth were killing him and he couldn't get enough sympathy.
So we did what any loving parents would do and gave him a fudge pop
And then we soaked the sugar-filled, sticky kid in a bath
And then he danced like a maniac
...and then he crashed.