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Friday, July 20, 2012

I pulled these out of my washing machine today.
Time to start checking little man's pockets.

Leon enjoyed Daddy's birthday card from my parents.
It was a dancing, singing toilet that burped at the end.
What more could a 2 year old (or 28 year old, for that matter) boy enjoy more!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We got caught in a monsoon and had to hang in the car for a bit.

The lost Portland pictures.
Just came across these in my phone.
They are from the last few days in Portland
while we packed our house for the move.
There is something about putting all
of his cars on the window that he loves.

 Our last stroll around the neighborhood.
 Pitch black soil. Makes for beautiful gardens
I'm pretty sure this rose is perfect.
 Leon's car is no longer exciting enough to simply ride in.
He insists on walking and pushing it himself.
 ...or running ahead
 ...or kneeling on the side for a ride.
 When you neighbors have a small pink stool
by their driveway, you HAVE to test it...right?!
...or steer it.
More gardens
 OK. Here is where he started to break down. 6 blocks from
home, Leon decided he didn't want to walk anymore.
 More pretty flowers
This bird is SO the Pacific Northwest.
Yeah, buddy. I see it!
 Finally at the hotel.
Low windows - perfect for cars.
 Granmommy, you're hilarious.
Checking out the view
Nice airplane bag, Grandad.
...I think it's a little small for you.
Walking to dinner. 
 Finally flying to be with Daddy in Texas.
No more sitting on Mommy's lap, finally got his OWN spacious seat.

 Best case scenario!

Friday, July 13, 2012

 Our little gymnast, prepping for his 2020 Olympic debut.
I apologize ahead of time for my shrill voice,
feel free to turn your speakers down for this one.

Spending the 4th in Corpus Christi

Sexting with his girlfriend, Lyla