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Monday, June 25, 2012

Showing Grandad the baby chickens and goats in Portland
Leon was so pooped after playing with his buddy, Sam. I tried to keep
him awake for just a few minutes longer by tickling his leg, so I could
get him home and to bed to take a proper nap.
The result was the sleepy grin you see here.
 Late dinner with the grandp's and sleepy.
We have a little iPollock on our hands.
 Grandad & G'mommy took Leon to the Zoo for a few hours.

 Pollock hard at work
Showing his masterpiece to the waitress. 
 Here he's set up shop on the front step.
Literally hours of fun with some snack breaks in between.
I miss that step.
Being silly with G'mommy
Lee swiped Granmommy's phone and hid under the bed.
We heard giggling and then saw a flash. We found this on the screen:
Early morning cantaloupe. Lee's pronunciation: "tupiope"

The last few strolls through our Portland neighborhood.

 Mid teething/tantrum/breakdown Mommy got to carry the boy AND the train.
 Just picking up the necessities at the market down the street.
 I realize that Leon isn't technically in this shot.
But I had to show off my neighbors artichoke plant - this thing was massive!
 Park pit-stop

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leon + Ice Cream = Crazy Person
Swim Lessons

Leon spent this particular afternoon learning
how to swim with a life vest on. He "wuved it".

 Everybody needs a snack after swimming

Jack Nicholson in The Shining?!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Waiting for Granmommy to pick-up
 Showing Lyla some stuff
 Grandaddy taught Lee how to hide. ...thanks Grandaddy...
 Silly faces with cousins, Scarlett & Jocelyn and Uncle Seth

 YO Molens!

 High five