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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving Time!

I'll be honest,
these two bums were no help in the packing process...
 The trusty Elmo car was, though!
Leon can't be bothered to walk while he has a popsicle.
OK. Finished with his treat - let's put this sugar buzz to work!
....really, Lee? common...
Welcome back, PODS
Camping out in the apartment while the movers packed us up.
 Another trip to Lowe's for more packing supplies!
 Adios, Harlingen.
We made a quick, one night stop in San Antonio
Before we headed up to Lubbock. Such a beautiful drive!
We made it to Lubbock.
Leon is loving the temporary house that we're staying in.
"Backyard. In. Play. Leon!" <---his latest catchphrase
Watching fire ants with Dad

 Trains and cars at a little west Texas diner
Checking out the local parks. One at a time.
Mater and Finn McMissile go everywhere with us now.
This is a sneak peek of our new Lubbock home.
Soon to be filled with all of the mess & noise that come with boys
...I'd have it no other way.
More to come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

FaceTime with Uncle Seth and Granmommy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Hello? Oh. Through car wash, through grocery store....bye bye" 

Gladys Porter Zoo
Looks hot and steamy, right?!
Here is our proximity to Mejico:

Seriously, who's walking who here?
Messy = fun

 Leon is getting frustrated that his legs aren't
coordinated and strong enough to pedal all
by himself. Here he's decided to quit and talk to the ants.

Now that he's a "big guy" at the ripe ol age of two...
No more pacifier! The first night was definitely rough.
He's gotten much better and we can call this life step a glowing success!
Leon made a "paci box".
We filled it with his pacifiers and "mailed it" to his new
baby cousin, Gabriel, in Chicago.

And Auntie Amanda sent us pics of them getting good use by the baby.

I came across these on my phone by surprise.
7:30am "Newmie walk"

The boy has great taste in entertainment.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bubba!

Presents, presents, presents!

Robin Ventura bobble head
I'm really not sure who's more excited to open presents,
Daddy or Leon
Tunnels and tents
 Tons of great new books

 Miles of train tracks!

Artistic exploration. Gotta draw a line somewhere....

Every day is Popsicle season in Texas!

Just bought a frame for this pen & ink on paper.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kelly was kind enough to share her latest playlist with us. 
It's definitely groove-able!