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Sunday, March 18, 2012

We packed up once again and flew to Chicago for the wedding!
 Not only did we get to fly on an "airdoe" but now a "buuuu" too!? So fun.

 Lyla! Beautiful as always.
Our friends, Kate and Gareth, made these cardboard cutouts of
Dane and myself for a party.
 I have to interrupt this post to proudly introduce our newest nephew - Gabriel!
Congratulations to Dane's sister, Amanda and her husband, Anthony.
 Brunch at Kelly's for Kate's bday on St. Patty's Day. (explains the green team on the right)
Reunited and they love it.

It's a party...he got a red velvet cake ball!
 Perfectly placed icing smudge. "heil"
Partied out.

At the park
 Playing at the Children's Museum

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Climbing trees like a pro

Friday, March 9, 2012

He loves that kid in the mirror
Playing with markers makes him look like a Cure fan
Sitting at graduation trying to get a cute shot of the
two of us and he just keeps looking at me like I'm crazy.
Again, I just want a pic of us while we're dressed nice. STAND STILL, KID
tree climbing

I decided it would be nice to take a few minutes to lay down and relax last weekend.
It only took 30 seconds for Leon to find me. He brought every one of these
trucks and balls over to the bed, climbed up and continued to put them all
on top of me. Then Dane came in with a camera and I was attacked...

Here's a great shot that Leon's babysitter, Fifi, got a few weeks ago.
 The boys love the new Anthropology quilt

That's quite a train you've made, kiddo.
 In preparation for our wedding, Dane has gotten
an A tattooed on his finger. This has sparked a
really big fascination with "to-to's", as Lee calls them.
Here is his latest:
 Puddle stompin'
 At the dr. waiting for his check-up.


We've only recently started offering Leon apple juice (for good reason).
Oh's like we shot him out of a canon. 
Here is the beginning of the sugar crash.
Enjoy.'s official, he's crazy...

My boys were looking sharp on Dane's graduation day
Here's a cute close-up