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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Watching himself in the computer

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leon & Newman
He's getting much better at this slide

Monday, January 2, 2012

Season's Greeting!

Hanging out at Bishop's waiting for Mom to get her hair cut
 Who doesn't love a corn dog?!
 Oh boy.
Thanks Auntie Amanda & Uncle Anthony for this
awesome accident waiting to happen Christmas present!
We packed up and headed to Chicago for a few days.
 While in Chi-town we stayed at our dear friend, Collie's condo in
our old building. It felt like home and Leon loved waking
up and watching the busy corner.
Wee-ooo wee-ooo
We had brunch with Aunt Lydia and cousins, Clara and Henry.
Thank goodness Clara is so good at sharing.
We had dinner at Piece Pizza with Auntie Amanda, Uncle Anthony, Joe and Dinah.
Here, Lee is enjoying the piece of chocolate pizza that made him crazy.
 Another morning watching the traffic.
Kate and Gareth graciously hosted the party originally planned
to be held at the Olsz residence when the Olsz family came down with
a stomach bug. While we were sad Little Lady Lyla couldn't make it, it did
give Leon and sweet Ella a chance to get to know one another.
Leon was a trooper while the grown-ups played a few rounds of Mafia.
Here he is passing out hugs starting with Daddy.
 Cheese! again with Valerie
 And then the "Lando-trifecta", as Dane calls us, headed to Atlanta to see the Molens!
Before any of you get completely disgusted, know that I scoured
that window, seat, walls, seat pocket and tray table before he touched anything.
 And boy oh boy did he love looking out that window.
 ...and lounging.
 Impromptu piano concert with the Molen girls, Jocelyn & Scarlett
 We started as a family of 4 and now we're a crowd of 9! 
(9.5 if Mom counts Bob, the dog)
Proud to introduce my boy to the great Waffle House
Scrambled eggs with cheese, grits and toast. MMM
 Just like A Christmas Story - dinner at Gu's Bistro on Christmas night.

Headed into the Aquarium!
I had to interrupt this blog post to introduce
my good friend Erin's new little lady - Elliott.
Congrats to you and Rob, Erin!!
Playing at Auntie Amber and Uncle Seth's house before my lovely bridal shower
 American Gothic in the ATL Airpor
 Delayed 30 mins.

 Good thing for choo choos! Thank you Grandma Molen! ;)
 Finally on the first leg of our journey home. Best case scenario - Leon sleeping.
Now, nobody move for the next hour because god forbid he wake up!
...he woke up...
 After the 2 hour delay in Denver we finally arrived back
in Portland at 2:30am Atlanta time.
Leon Lando is a trooper.