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Monday, February 13, 2012

We just picked up a soda machine - Leon loves bubbles in his water.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

More music fun
Being silly because the camera was on him. Nothing new.
Next door to Sellwood Pizza Kitchen is a feed store
with chickens, goats and ducks in the back. We love to say
hey to the goats every so often when we're waiting for our pizza.
Jammin like a hippie.
 "Hey, look how cute Leon looks in the bathtub!" 
NOPE. He was pooping.
 Why is he so upset, you ask? Because he can't hold all 5 trucks.
 I found him this way:
Watching the snow. Or as he pronounces it - "Nooooooo"

Loving on Newman in his unitard pajamas from Val.
 Watching himself in the computer.

"Leon, make a silly face!"
Daddy and Lee after tacos
If I'm remembering correctly - he had just yelled "MAM!!!"
 "Lee, make a silly face"
 the boy loves to jam.
We got a package in the mail from Collie that was full
of things we left at his house last time we went to Chicago.
This tractor was among the items. Leon couldn't be more excited.
Dane and I, on the other hand, didn't miss this toy. It sounds
like a JACKHAMMER at the touch of a button.
Thanks for sending it back, friend.
 Wearing daddy's safety glasses. Nerdin' it up.
An entirely new world has opened up to Leon Lando.
He can now officially jump with both feet off of the ground.
Most mornings Leon hangs out for an hour with his new buddy, Sam.
Sam's mom is an instructor at Barre3. They ransack the place.
You'd think Sam's mom puts crack in his drink the way
Leon spazzes out to steal it. But no, they both have water, my son is nutty.