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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie's Island!

We started with lunch. Leon learned how annoying fun it is to eat food off of a stick.
 Walking to the patch!
Cutest guys on Earth.
I'm pretty sure Dorothy's tornado is going to come through here any minute.
 Leon is explaining what makes a good pumpkin

Watching the tractor pulling the hay ride
I had to include the following two pictures because
I almost cannot believe how much these boys look alike.

 Pick a good one, buddy.
 He was showing me the worm on the pumpkin
 Family pic. 
It's definitely a cute picture, if the kind lady would have focused the darn camera.

He loves his Newman
It only takes a moment for him to go from this sweet, adorable little guy to...
...screaming like a crazy person with excitement.
...and back to adorable.
And that's what it's like to go to the park with Leon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

While Mommy went to Savannah with some old friends,
Lee stayed in Atlanta with Grandmommy & Grandaddy.
Here are just a few of the great shots that they got that weekend.
(I have plenty more, I will add them as soon as I get a chance to upload them)
 Going to the Aquarium!
Cousin Scarlett is explaining why all of the fish don't attack and eat one another.
Sleep over!
Cousin Jocelyn was so helpful the whole weekend.
Hit it, Beethoven!
We got all 3 Atlanta cousins together for a "quick" photo.
Below are the photos from that effort:

I found a great paper store down the street from my house, Lee likes it too.
 Who walks who here?
 Break down
 Cutie pie on the swing.
 New shoes?
 Sick day. Darn teeth!
 Cheerios and Sesame Street make everyone feel better!
 What do doggies say?
 Under the bed, his new favorite hiding place.
 Playing it cool at lunch in the Pearl
 Now he's just getting goofy.
He loves these Lee-size chairs so much, he decided to take one with him.
Hello Val & Lyla!
 He still loves watching himself in the phone

 New San Diego Zoo hat from Aunties Janey & Cathy - thanks ladies!
 At our new favorite park, Leon loves the water fountain button.
He can't press the button hard enough, so the water just dribbles down his arms.
 Oh, good.
 Helping Mommy pooper scoop. Good job pointing out all of the poo, bud!
 While we waited for Daddy to get his hair cut,
we explored the Sellwood neighborhood. We found goats!
 ...and this wagon wheel.