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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Portland is a bike town so....
When in Rome
 Squirt even gets a seat
 "Stop it mom, I've had enough pictures taken lately. Can we just RIDE?!"
Rocking his new helmet
 We know we look good!
Test driving Leon's new ride.
Even Newman, who is afraid of literally everything, loves running with the bikes
On a trail by our house we found this great river/creek

The following is a tale of a boy and his balloon:

Escaping his diaper change
 (you can't see it in this pic, but it's floating above him.)
At lunch
 Eating a snack after an afternoon nap
Watching Elmo
 Running down the street

Walking with Daddy
 At the grocery store
 Even at Ikea
We made it to Portland!
Here is our lovely little rental. SE Ogden Street - a great neighborhood.
This is one of his favorite parts of his new house.
At Gino's in Sellwood, a neighborhood about 3 miles away.

This is Leon's complementary appetizer plate. We all enjoyed it.
 Checking out his new room and enjoying his new Ikea rug.
 Night no. 1 dinner.
 Lunch at a sushi truck.
 Even waiting at Comcast makes me want to pull my hair out is a pleasant experience.
Fun in the pool!
Covered in black beans and guacamole - successful dinner.
 Lil Cabbage checking himself out in the camera

"How big is Leon?"
Dane's new panoramic app.
We have a great pet shop down the street from us. Lee likes the hens
Another lunch at another food truck. This time Lee had his own table and chair

Movin out west

I don't know how families did road trips before portable dvd players were invented.
 Leon's first drawing
Sneaking a little bit of Sesame Street before bed.
A video was the best way we found to get him to ignore Dane and me
and relax enough to go to bed. Sharing one room is tough.
National Buffalo Museum in the great state of North Dakota
He was still a little bit too small for the horse rides - this buffalo will have to do.
When you order a side of "fresh veggies" in Fargo, ND,
this is what you get. Soaked in butter and covered in cheese.
 T. Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Pack it up, Lee
Glendive, Montana dinner.
We were the youngest by at LEAST 30 years.
Random Montana rest stop.
Everywhere we stepped in the grass, tons of grasshoppers would explode from the ground.
 Leon found a new love for rocks.
We made it to the mountains! This was a small clearing
where we were able to pull over and stretch our legs.
 Definitely not in Chicago anymore.
Spokane, WA
Watching some videos before bed.
Newman loved having a bed all to himself in the hotel.
 Lunch stop
Playing in the hotel in Vancouver, WA. 
 Looking at himself in the phone.
 Cuttin teeth and trying not to go to bed.
These boys are one in the same.
First big pool experience - disaster.