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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

He get a little nutty after a bath...
...and after a diaper change...
Eating mud again.

Guess what day of the week it is...
 I'm sneaking in a super cute pic of Molen cousins, Jocelyn and Scarlett.
 Dane and I got a sitter and snuck away for a few hours to try a new sushi place.
G'mommy & G'dad sent balloons for my bday and Lee
just can't get enough. I'm beginning to think that these balloons weren't just for me.
 Hunting for Matchbox cars
 Hat season.
Saturday morning
We grabbed a snack in our neighborhood.
The boys were too busy goofing around to eat.

 I was loving Lee's outfit this afternoon, complements of Daddy.

We just bought the book, "Hands Are Not for Hitting"
It's official - Newman is the best dog in the world.
 Sweet Scarlett
 ...and back to maniac boy...

Get this kid in a bath - STAT


Rhett said...

Awesome post Alex. Love the pics and the movie, little Lee is a handsome and funny guy. Bails and I think he's adorable and love the Bears gear. Thanks for the post and positive vibes you've sent to Bails recently!!!

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