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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lubbock , Texas

Ice Cream Truck!
This is a moment from 2 months ago.
Lee continues to tell me about it - as recently as
2 days ago. He tells me about the Popsicle that he got from the ice cream truck
and the lightening bolts he saw as he sat with Daddy and Newman.

 Looking for a lost tennis ball with Daddy
 At an ice cream social in our new Lubbock neighborhood.
Leon's helped himself to his new friend's toys.
 Great moment with Daddy
 Leon's favorite combo - Playground and Splash Pad
 He's swiped the neighbor's sweet ride.
 Lee's introduction to the neighborhood salt water pool
 Best bed head EVER.
 Little Lee is not so little any more in his new
big boy bed - Daddy on the other hand...still big
 Car wash
 We got to the airport early, so we spent some time at the airplane museum next door

 Lee's first day of school!! Such a big boy, he did great.

 Always the cool guy

 "I eat it, Newman!"

 On our way TO his tumbling class
 On our way FROM his tumbling class
 Mullet man
 Seriously cool in his shades and trunks
 Testing the water

 After pool snack
 It was a windy day in Lubbock and Leon was
frantically trying to grab all of the hair on his head.
When I asked him what he was doing he
replied "SO windy, hair blow away!!"
 Big kid swing
Strong man
I learned that Leon is basically a pro at the rock wall


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