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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fearless Leon from Alex Lando on Vimeo.

Spending time in Atlanta

Grandmommy's grasses
 Nothing says childhood like a bath picture with your cousins
 Firing up the raku kiln, just another Tuesday evening with Grandmommy and Grandaddy

 Little city boy is loving the woods in the back yard
 We met the Molen cousins at the county fair - Leon Lando is stylin, per usj.
 Startin the party with a corndog!
 Lee was surprisingly "gentle" with the bunnies in the petting zoo
 Horsey ride
 First carnival ride with Scarlett

 First roller coaster, too
 Someone thought it was a good idea to give the
Calamity Man darts. He did surprisingly well,
popped 3 balloons and won a prize! That's my boy!

IMG 0099 from Alex Lando on Vimeo.

 Hangin at cousin's Jocelyn and Scarlett's house
 Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed for how good he is at using the iPhone.
Playing with his new buddy, Kellan. Kellan is the son of an old
high school friend of mine. We've finally found a child just as
crazy and rambunctious as Lee.

 Here we all are - 10 years and two maniac little boys since high school
I tried to explain to Leon that Meghan is an old friend...he didn't
buy it and wanted nothing to do with taking a picture.

 Starting the farmer's market with a King of Pops apple juice popsicle
 Like mother, like son
 Peek-A-Boo with cousin, Scarlett
 Sometimes I find Leon's toys hanging around.
Little Expert Traveler
 This is always the best case scenario on an airplane

 Playing in Grandmommy's garden

 Cool guys
 Picking lemons from Grandmommy's lemon tree
 We have since child-proofed the makeup drawers
 Me and my boy
 Farmer's Market with the cousin girls
 Eating his crepe at the Farmer's Market.
 And enjoying his King of Pops strawberry, lime and mint popsicle

 Spending the night with Jocelyn and Scarlett
 Lovin the girls playroom
 I keep finding Crazy in Grandaddy's office
 Maitre D

 "To infinity and beyond!" is shouted moments before we hear this giant Buzz Lightyear come tumbling down the stairs. Poor Buzz has lost his head, a hand and a foot since this picture was taken last week.
 Clearly Leon is into showing off his crafts...

 He looks so big here
 Another farmer's market moment brought to you by King of Pops
 I like to pretend Leon is really good at drawing paisley patterns
 Fake smiles
 This is Leon showing me the tunnel in his shirt...

 Uncle Seth play 'tickle crane' with Leon
 Story of Leon's nonstop little life
 Expert traveler
 Our old babysitter, Feefee, sent us a postcard from NYC
 Another airplane best case scenario
 Brush brush brush
 Cool guy
 Leon finally got his hands on the butt paste....